Market research as part of the innovation process

An innovation process without market research could jeopardise the successful launch of your product on the market. There are too many possible technical starting points and not enough information on the value of particular technical solutions from a customer point of view. On the other hand, market research is significantly more efficient and credible when it's seamlessly integrated within the innovation process.

TriS Europe GmbH is a consequent pioneer of this integration, having followed and perfected it since the company foundation in 1998. TriS B2B Market Research is an independent business area developed from our core business - strategic innovation management.

As a result, we are not only able to deliver excellent, application-specific market research results. We can take the project a step further and have our experts put you on the right track to cutting-edge products.

The innovation strategies derived from our market research projects can be directly used in the development and design work, and, with the help of TriS innovation techniques, be implemented in innovative technical solutions. This allows the market research to be carried over seamlessly into the technical implementation and market launch of new products and services.


TriS® market research process
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