Marketing & Innovation Intelligence

We offer our Marketing & Innovation Intelligence approach to overcome the unpredictability of the market success of your products and services.

TriS Market Research emerges as an independent business area from the strategic innovation management, our core business. Our market research is based on unique methods and on precise analysis tools (patent pending) not used in conventional market analysis.

With its main office in Germany, TriS Europe belongs to one of the exclusive providers of B2B market research services. We deliver the crucial information needed for the successful innovation strategies of products and services:        

  • A comprehensive understanding of the market and a solid action plan for product development and innovation,
  • The true, often concealed customer needs with the highest market potential,
  • Anticipatory market opportunities for business ideas,
  • Detailed comparisons to competitor products and market strategies,
  • Clear guidelines for faultless market communication.


TriS® Innovation Management
TriS market research process
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