TriS market research process

TriS market research is a multi-stage process, delivering as a result a solid action plan for developing and launching a new product or service with high market success.

Step 2

TriS market research process can be adapted for specific qualities and requirements of each industry and company.

Integrating qualitative and quantitative elements

We acquire a profound understanding of the market by integrating qualitative and quantitative approaches. Using just one method alone will limit the results. Only by bringing all the elements together do we get a pin sharp picture to exploit the market. We aim to deliver measurable criteria and benchmarks for your products and service innovation.

Unanimity in the market research process

Each of your company's departments involved in the market research process is brought together from the beginning. Every market research project starts with an analysis workshop, moderated by TriS experts. Together with your project team (Marketing, Sales, Product Management, Product Development), we systematically analyse the product and market requirements from different angles and proceed with the project in close collaboration with your team.

Software support

The market research process is supported by our own web-based software TriS-IDEAS. The software guarantees that each step of the process is perfectly documented, enabling the work relevant to each department and site on the company intranet. All results can be viewed by everyone working on the project. This makes the work more efficient and encourages unanimity in the market research process.

Systematically overcoming the unpredictability of market success
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