B2B market research for medium-sized businesses

Terms such as 'market research' and 'customer survey' often get a skeptical reaction from medium-sized businesses. Bad experiences with previous market research efforts lead to 'false' assumptions such as "It's not right for our market" or "It's far too expensive considering the results".

Why can't market research, which works well for mass consumer products, also be used for special-purpose machine manufacturers or automotive industry suppliers? Whatever the industry, it's a fact that the most successful companies are those who fulfil the expectations and meet the needs of their customers, and regularly obtain feedback from the market.

The TriS market research approach was designed specifically for the needs of medium-sized businesses.

  • We deliver a complete one-stop solution, analyse products and markets, talk to your customers, create customer questionnaires for different target groups, obtain the right answers for you, and evaluate the results.
  • We know the industries in which we carry out customer surveys, due to our long experience of such project work. That's why we're in the right situation to interpret your customers' concerns and wishes correctly.
  • We ensure a high level of transparency and intelligibility of the market research. Before we begin the market research, we analyse the product requirements from different angles together with your project team (Marketing, Sales, Product Management, Product Development) and continue working closely with the project team.
  • TriS market research results in a concrete plan of action for developing and positioning a new product or service.

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