B2B market research for complex technical products

B2B market research for complex and sophisticated technical products proves to be particularly complicated. Companies are constantly facing contradictory technical demands and customer needs. The traditional customer orientation (Voice of the Customer) as well as conventional market research methods are no longer enough to guarantee success.

TriS B2B market research was developed especially for application to complex technical systems and high-tech products.

Before we begin, we spend time getting to know your products and services as well as the working processes of your customers. We identify the desired customer benefits from the product specifications, concept catalogues and customer testimonials. The customer benefit is of main concern when making a purchase decision, which developers, especially those of high-tech products, frequently forget. The complexity of a product often distorts its image between manufacturer and customer views. We use our skills in various industries and the objectivity of an outsider to build a bridge of communication between the industry companies and their customers.


TriS® market research process
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