Clear marketing guidelines for product development

Understanding and correctly interpreting customer wishes and translating them into product features, only seems like an easy task. After all, Marketing, Sales and Development often interpret customer opinions very differently. Even the customer comments themselves are often inaccurate, contradictory or short-lived.

Development teams have difficulty with statements such as "The product should be more reliable", "Better handling and ergonomic design" or simply, "The customer is unsatisfied with our cost-performance ratio." This kind of problem definition leaves too much room for interpretation. The probability that a new product or service addresses the customer's true needs and leads to a successful innovative solution, is very low. A new generation of products often even diminishes some important product characteristics (basics) because the customer considers these characteristics to be obvious, and therefore doesn’t specifically request them.

All these problems are avoided with the TriS® market research approach. Our systematic approach allows us to completely identify the true needs of your customers - the desired customer benefits. A statistical evaluation of the importance and the current level of fulfilment of desired customer benefits, delivers clear guidelines for innovation activities in your product development. Market and customer needs are translated into tangible and measurable product features. This can predict the success potential of a product innovation before the cost-intensive research and development activities start.

The seamless transition from market research to technical implementation is perfect!

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