Market research services

Our services focus on Business-to-Business markets. We enjoy the particular challenges of these special markets and provide precise recommendations on how to improve products and services. We systematically combine our technological know-how with our market research tools.

Market research projects in the Business-to-Business area are more complex and challenging than consumer surveys. The B2B sector is innovative and dynamic, its products and services are defined by high technology. The surveyed contact persons are specialists in their fields and they expect our researchers to be just as competent. These contact persons will not provide useful information if they are subjected to standard questionnaires read in a disinterested manner. Instead, intelligent dialogue is needed to address the basic problem issues, which these specialists have to challenge.

This requires specific skills and resources, which TriS Europe has developed over the years. It's through our work in technology and innovation management consultancy that we have increased our knowledge of the B2B markets and various technologies. Depending on the type of issue you and your clients are faced with, we will develop a customised research approach to suit you and your products and services.

Our focus lies in the B2B area but there are some end consumer markets that can be advantageously analysed with our research approach.

If it's complex, multi-level research you need and you're looking for a one-stop integrated solution, we are the right partner.

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Market research solutions
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