One clear process instead of a variety of methods

Market research is one of the most influential processes in product development. In order to formulate this as efficiently as possible and make appropriate decisions, the most suitable methods must be used.

The vast number of market research techniques leads to insecurity when choosing methods and applying them.

Our B2B market research uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative techniques, adapted to the needs of medium-sized businesses. We reach an ideal balance between these methods for each industry and at minimum cost, to quickly deliver our customers measurable criteria for their innovation strategy and market communication.

The TriS® market research approach shows the fastest way to the success of your innovation and business. The process

  • identifies the true, often concealed customer needs and customer segments with the highest market potential,
  • predicts the market opportunities of business ideas,
  • delivers detailed comparisons on competitor products and strategies,
  • formulates clear guidelines for internal product development and faultless market communication.

The jungle of market research methods

Qualitative market research, focus group interview, in-depth interview, biotic interview, quantitative market research, target group survey, telephone survey, computer-aided surveys, internet survey, face-to-face survey, panel research, screening, random surveys, silent monitoring, ethnography, benchmarking, cluster analysis, conjoint analysis, regression analysis…

This list of market research practices for data collection and analysis is by no means final. Not every company can afford the luxury of trying out every market research technique before finding the 'perfect' one. In B2B market research, research methods are especially difficult to adapt to the specific qualities and needs of the industry and company.

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